In clearing the fence line at the west enc of the garden, Robert found our Santuary.

Here well build a small shelter and relax in the shade looking out over the garden.


Baby Steps



We spent Sunday afternoon cleaning along the fence line and picking up glass in the barn.

Small things but we can't do a lot until the bush hogging and we are there.


We took these pics on Saturday as a before record. Bob has a lot more ill upload after we move and set up his computer.

The land is ankle to waist deep in briars.

Well live in the mobile home while we build our cob house.

Most if not all the sheds will go and we'll repair the barn and eventually cob it as well.


We bought the farm



There we were... Living at the beach and Bob got sick. Lonnnnng story short his heart condition meant no more working for him and we were left wondering what to do.
We'd often talked about living a simpler life, going back to the land so to speak. So after a search that took us all over the southeast, we chose family over having more land. 

It's been months waiting to close but as of today at 2:30 pm, we own a plot of land that we are going to turn into a microfarm!!  

Homesteading here we come.