That's Corey, my nephew. He came over today to help clear the chest deep brambles in the fields.

He cut a trench and then we burned the field. We chose this since none of us knew what was under the brambles and didn't want to damage his equipment.

We did rake up some of the grass/hay first though. We piled it on the compost pile for now, but I'll use it to plant potatoes.

We also picked up our first fruit trees last night. Bartlett and keiffer pear, Fugi and gala apple, Georgia belle and red haven peach and a fig.

Citrus will come next

The peach is already blooming!!



03/03/2014 8:32am

Tis Spring!!! Those fruit trees look in lovely condition too. Seeing you burn the fields brings back memories of the farmers clearing the stubble when I was young...they just dump chemicals on it now and plough it in.

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