Life after a move like this is a series of adjustments. You have to find your way around AND figure out the sometimes cryptic directions that country folk give. "It's over there past where Jimmy Dale used to live. Not the place he died at but the one before that" (yes that's a real set of directions) (I swear!!)

This time though, it's my hometown. So I understand those cryptic direction. I already have some idea where to go for things.

Hill Hardware is one of those places. Not that it's hard to find. It's on Main Street. It's been there over a hundred years and I hope it'll be there a hundred more.

Walking in is like stepping back in time. The seed boxes, custom built shelving and antique register are exactly as I remember them. The customer service too. They greet you at the door and offer to help.

Now, this is not the polite. "I have to say this but don't mean it so please don't ask me to actually stop what I'm doing and help you M'kay?" stuff that society has gotten used to. These guys and gals are there-to-help you.... And they do it a smile or a laugh and are genuine about the whole deal.

Sure it's a little more than box stores, but keeping service like that going is priceless.



Pat Rizzi
02/19/2014 8:27am

We still have a hardware like that in Swanton. Sadly those old time hardware stores are disappearing fast. It is hard to compete with Walmart. But I will say you can find things at the old hardware that the big stores wouldn't dream of stocking. And the employees are always helpful and they know their merchandise. I will buy from our local hardware even if it is a bit more expensive. I don't want them to disappear completely.

02/19/2014 9:18am this kind of store...can smell the old wood from here :D XXX

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