Milk Crate Nest Box

Rather than buy nesting boxes, (9.99 - 29.99) or build then from lumber, we went with using something that was here on the farm when we bought it... Milk crates.

We must have a dozen or more of them around the place. I didn't know what I would use them for, but I knew we'd find them useful.

The oldest of our flock is just four weeks from her potential start date to lay eggs. Plus as we are gathering materials to convert the shed, nesting boxes are a priority for me.

First I thought of using buckets, but as I watched the girls hiding in crates in the run, I knew this was the perfect safe place for them to lay and brood more chicks.

So Joey and I cut one side open. Then we sanded it smooth. Some of my crates had bottom holes too big for my bantams. Hardware cloth to the rescue.

I'm overlapping it because I'm using a scrap.

To hold it in place, use plastic ties, bread ties, yarn or wire. Whatever you have on hand. I cut the wire to 4 or five inches.

Fold the wire in half like a pin or staple.

Push it through the hardware cloth across a corner or intersection.

Pull to the bottom, twist and bend over.

That's it. Pin it as much as you feel is needed. I did the four corners and two at the overlap.

We have eight nesting boxes made with scraps and old crates. Free is good


03/27/2014 9:40am

You are such a clever clogs!...born to farm :D XXX

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