We arrived on the property Friday jan 31st to find water pipes cut and a second ac stolen.

Yes I said the second one. The previous owners admit to taking the first one. I can't say this was them, but I'd bet money on it.

We found the bags of their belongings we left out for them to pick up strewn across the yard and fresh food for the cats they'd assured me were taken care of.

We called the Sherrifs office and reported things.

The tire tracks were frozen into the ice.

We decided to move in even without water and before we finished repairs to the floor.

Our goal is no more vandals and just make it livable while we build.



02/03/2014 3:15pm

You are so patient.....in a country were guns are legal they are really pushing their luck. Report EVERYTHING they do to the Sherrif!!!! Hope they clear off soon <3 XXX

Tee Thompson-McNeil
02/07/2014 7:41am


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